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Their teams offer a very wide range of services. They always seem to have somebody that suits every project we give them, and that is fine by us so long as their product quality stays as high as it has. Their service is very well known on the Internet, and they offer amendments long after your essay has been accepted. We have found them to be outright experts when it comes to statistics papers, though they will happily complete projects ranging from dissertations to simple High School homework.


Their most popular services include: essay services, research papers, coursework, term papers, dissertations, article critiques, admission essays, personal statements, case studies, movie reviews, editing services, and lab reports.


Their prices range depending on the type of project you choose. They actually charge less for dissertation pages than they do for essay pages, but that is often because dissertations require more pages and they do not want to break a student’s budget. Pages for essays start at about $19.99 per page, and their prices climb to as much as $52.99 per page, which is the amount you pay if you order your project with a three-hour deadline.

Sign up for their email list and they will send you further discount codes. They also have a bulk-buy discount where you get an discount of 5% if you order over 15 pages. You get 10% off if you order over 51 pages, and you get a 15% discount if you order over 101 pages. They often have a starter discount too. If this is your first time using their service, then visit their website and see what you can save.


We have found that they excel when it comes to certain subjects. As we have been issuing our orders to them over the years, we have noticed they are very good at coursework, statistics papers, literature reviews, article critiques and presentations. We like the fact that they format the work they do, and we have a hard time picking fault with the quality of their work in general. With their service, you may hand in your project a little quicker and get on your professor’s good side.

Some of their writers are ex-professors and all of them have a degree, which is why their services are not the cheapest on the web. We understand that retaining the best writers is rarely a cheap endeavor. Nevertheless, we feel that the value received is far bigger and better than their prices. They charge a very good price when you consider the amount of expertise and knowledge that is poured into every project.


Their customer support is friendly and professional. We didn’t ask them many questions in total because we have used this service a great many times and have not had any problems. Our previous experiences with their customer support have proven they are professional in their manner and friendly in their tone. We can find no scam.


The essay on time website is easy enough to understand for any normal Internet user. Just like with our reviews, there is not a steep learning curve needed to use the site. Take a look around, click a few links, and you are up to speed in no time. We would appreciate if they had made the writing on the pages a little bigger, or better still, to have less of it. They have pages loaded with content, which is fine, but it is a lot of reading. Our reviewers are tasked with reading every word on their website, and we can say for sure that they could cut a lot of their wordage down to make it easier on the students that bother to read their pages. We like the blog, and we like the “How it works” section on their website. They are functions that we feel other essay writing services should install.


The essayontime customer support staff is friendly, and in the years we have been using this service, we have never had a cause for complaint. Are they the best essay writing service we have ever come across? We cannot say yes or no, but we can say that essay-on-time sets the standard for the industry. When you are picking your essay writing service, think to yourself, if they are not as good as, then they are not good enough.


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  1. Debra E says:

    I don’t like dealing with any sort of customer service department because that sort of thing annoys me. However, after I dealt with the customer service department with, they asked me if I would like to write a review. If anything, I say that the customer service department was efficient and kinda friendly. I am more impressed with their efficiency. There is nothing worse than having to wait for some fool to hurry up on the end of a phone line. My dealings with the essay-on-time customer service department in this case were not as torturous as I may have expected.

  2. Michele says:

    Fast to get answer! Faster to get a better answer! It took me five minutes to speak to somebody, but once I actually got talking to somebody, they were fast to answer my questions. They probably have a lot of people contacting them at any one time because is very popular, so I suppose I shouldn’t blame them too hard for taking a short while to let me talk to them. You have my vote Essay-on-time

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