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Of all the essay writing services we have on this website, this is probably one you should go to if you have a very long deadline. They have a slightly different timeline and deadline system that allows you to get very low rates if you are willing to wait over 15 days for your essay. We know there are few professors that set deadlines of over two weeks, but if yours does, you can really save a lot of money with this writing service


Their most popular services include article critique services, case study work, accounting papers, business essays, college essays, business plans, ghostwriting, movie reviews, resume services and English essays. They offer different services at different levels, but you can read more about that on their price page where it explains the quality levels they have.


Their prices seem pretty low compared to the others, but it is mostly because they have a longer deadline schedule. Their prices per page are $16.50 if you require an easy piece of work within 15+ days. If you need your work within a shorter space of time, then they charge $44.20 per page within a deadline of 23 hours.

With this company, you get a free title page, a free outline, a free plagiarism report, free revisions and your assignment will be received via email, which is also free. There are no release fees or any other hidden fees.


Their short-deadline quality is not really as good as their long-deadline quality, which is strange given the fact that they sell their short-term deadline pieces for more money than the long-deadline essays.

They deliver on what they promise. If you look at their price list, you will not see the usual “Higher, middle and lower” quality bands. Instead, you see the written level as per your stage in your education. It goes High School, College, freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior, Master’s and PhD. You pick the level you are at and look down their chart for the prices per page. They deliver what they promise in terms of level. They do not over-perfect their lower level stuff and they do not dumb-down their higher-level stuff.


Their customer support is okay. It is not the best in the world. The waits are sometimes a little long, and it appears that their live chatters have two or three conversations going on at once (if you consider their thinking/response times), but otherwise their customer support is slightly better than what you may expect.


We like the first top quarter of their homepage, which sounds like an odd statement, but it is writing they get everything right. After that, their homepage is built for search engines in that it is loaded with unneeded text and stuffed with keywords at the bottom. Many modern writing companies have quoting tools, but this company still uses a price list. It is not that the website has bad usability; it is just that after years of reviewing, we are used to better.


They have highly professional writers, offer financial guarantees and high quality. They have 100% original papers and complete essays of any complexity. They offer full confidentiality and a quick delivery system. They have 24/7 support and a money back guarantee. Are they the best essay writing service in the business? No they are not, but they do a serviceable job and you can save more money with this cheap essay writing service than you can with most of the others. This is really the company you go to if you have a lot of time within your deadline and you only have a small budget.

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