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The rush essay team try to get their work done as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of their service. That is probably why the rush essays service is a little more expensive than regular essay writing service. They are good for students that are in a rush. The rushessay team may help you get your work done if your essay has been deleted or saved over. The rushessays team is there for you when you have procrastinated a little too long and now you cannot get your work done on time. Visit their website at to get a free quote if you are worried you will not get your work done on time.


This company has a wide range of services, which include things such as custom essay services, research paper services, case study services, coursework services, term paper services, dissertation services, editing services, admission services, and resume services.


If you are trying the company for the first time, they give you 15% off first order if you click their offer buttons or enter their listed code on your order form. Their prices range from anywhere between $22.98 per page and $54.95 per page. You get a 5% if you order 15+ pages, you get a 15% discount if you order over 100 pages, and you get a 10% discount if you order 51 or more pages.


We like their coursework and essay services. We always feel as if we are getting a little more for our money when we buy them. That is not to say that their other services are bad, it is just that we always feel as if the essays and coursework are their cream of the crop. It is almost as if their writers have over-written their essays and had to trim them down, so they trim away the dust only to leave the nuggets of gold. As a consequence, even if you pick a lower quality band for your order, you will still score a flying pass.


Go to the and you will see a range of free and paid ways to get in touch with them. They have a customer service department that runs day and night. You can make contact at any time and you will get an instant answer. The customer service department told us that they get more messages and calls during unsociable hours than they do during business hours.


The website is loaded with information that is a little bit much for students to take in. it is not that they are overwhelmed, it is just that our reviewers have a hard time getting through it all, so the likelihood of students getting through it all is the tough. Their graphics seem to help break up the pages and make their point without too much fuss, but we still feel they could have made it a little easier to use.


We are not in love with the service, but we understand why some students are. As mentioned earlier, this is really the type of company you should approach if you have essays and coursework that needs doing. The rush team are making most of their money with essays and coursework, which is probably why they inject so much top-quality work into them. Our review would be unfair if we criticized their other services because they are still better than most, but as we say in many of our rushessay reviews–they would be world beaters if they put as much effort into their other services as they do into their coursework and essay services.


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  1. Ignace says:

    I love the fact that there is a free to use quotation tool. Most essay writing services do not realize that we do not want to submit our email address and wait two days for them to return our email and give us a quote for seven hundred dollars. We want to know how much it will cost, and we want to know now, and that is what gives us. The free quotation tool is also cool because you can fiddle with it until you get the price you want

  2. Lester says:

    All of the writers have English as their first language. I have been messed around by writing companies before. I now know what an essay looks like when it has been written by a real English speaker and when it has been written by somebody with English as his or her second language. The rushessay team has English speakers, and I have been using their service for three years, so I can confirm that old essays are not resold and they do not sell pre-written essays. Thank you for all your hard work, and I will continue to recommend writing services to my friends

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